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Vintage Wall Light Loft Iron Tube Industrial Decor Retro Wall Lamp Decoration Co

Vintage Wall Light Loft Iron Tube Industrial Decor Retro Wall Lamp Decoration Co

SKU: 1d94c224-8a05-4a2d-8779-3b601d8e3a60
The power supply of this product is to connect the home cable through the neutral wire and the live wire, and it is controlled by the home wall switch. The product itself does not contain a switch.

Industrial and Country style

Country vintage industrial style, nice for rural or industrial style home decoration.

Home decoration

It is suitable for installation on the wall at home, no space at all

Bar decoration

It is also very suitable for installation in the bar, with industrial style decoration, will greatly enhance the atmosphere and aesthetics

Bathroom Lighting

It can be used in bathrooms and in wet environments, adding a different element to the bathroom. But Please don't soak it in the water, or drench it directly into the water.

Wall decoration

Whether it is night or morning, it is not only a light fixture, but also a good wall decoration.

Create uniqueness

The most unique design is not only the appearance of its faucet, but also the hemp rope can be knotted arbitrarily. If you have heard dozens of knots in the sailors, you should try it.

Industrial style details

The color and texture of the entire faucet have been specially designed, which is an absolutely classic industrial style.

industrial pipe wall lamp bed side retro vintage lamps rustic wall deco iron tube bathroom light brass sliver steam punk style


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1. All lamps are provided with a one-year warranty service. In the case of non-man-made damage, you can contact customer service to solve the problem within one year from the date of receipt of the lamp, and we can also provide the purchase of parts service in the future.

2. If you start a dispute instead of contacting us after encountering a quality problem, you will face loss of warranty service rights.

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